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Allison Moore

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Core Writers 2008 //  McKnight Advancement Grants 2008 //  Affiliated Writer 2013   

Allison Moore is a playwright and television writer based in Los Angeles.  Plays include: Collapse (Women’s Project, New York, and NNPN Rolling World Premiere), The End – “Apocalypse Apartments” (2011 Humana Festival Anthology Project), My Antonia (Illusion Theater, adapted from the Willa Cather novel), Slasher (2009 Humana Festival), End Times (Kitchen Dog Theater), American Klepto (Illusion Theater), Split (Guthrie Theater commission), Hazard County (2005 Humana Festival, NNPN Rolling World Premiere), Urgent Fury (Cherry Lane Mentor Project) and Eighteen (O’Neill Playwrights Conference). Allison is the recipient of two Jerome Fellowships, two McKnight Advancement Grants and the Bush Artist Fellowship. She holds a BFA from Southern Methodist University and an MFA from the Iowa Playwrights Workshop. She is a company member of Kitchen Dog Theater and a member of the WGA. 

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When she’s cast as the “last girl” in a low-budget slasher flick, Sheena thinks it’s the big break she’s been waiting for. But news of the movie unleashes her malingering mother’s thwarted feminist rage, and she’s prepared to do anything to stop filming—even if it kills her.

The Strange Misadventures of Patty, Patty's Dad, Patty's Friend Jen and a Bunch of Other People


In this comedy of awkwardness, Patty, an economics whiz and social klutz, suddenly finds herself responsible the father abandoned her. Dad is aphasic, having suffered a massive stroke. How will they communicate when Dad's use of language is so altered? And how can they form a relationship after so many years of neglect? Patty decides the solution is to convince her best friend to use her super powers to make Dad disappear.  That's right--super powers.

End Times


Drought, disease, plagues of grasshoppers and the collapse of the economy. Is it the end of the world or just life in the Dust Bowl?  After the death of her husband, Janie, a fierce farm wife, seems to be getting a second chance at love. But when her estranged step-son returns with a big plan and a dark secret, she must fight to hang on to her Panhandle homestead—and her deep faith in God’s providence. She soon discovers that both carry a steep price. 

American Klepto


When her estranged father dies, Gail is forced to deal with her embittered stepmother and a half-sister she barely knows.  As she struggles to hang on to anything that connects her to her father, a mysterious woman informs that there's proof that her father's heritage goes back to the very beginnings of life in America.  But to claim this new identity, she must be willing to sell her soul--or at least her DNA.

My Antonia

adapted from the novel by Willa Cather

Urgent Fury


Fort Sam Houston, Texas, October, 1983.  Reagan is in the White House, Air Supply is on the radio, and the Bensons have just been assigned the house next door to the Hutchinsons.  While Mary Benson strives to be the perfect officer’s wife, next door Brett dares the Post Commander to kick her out.  Unbeknownst to anyone, their 14-year-old daughters, Beatrice and Honey, hatch their own plot to protect the Hutchinson home.  In the process, the two girls discover the lengths they are willing to go to keep their families—however hobbled or maimed they may be—intact. 



Collapse is an uncomfortably funny exploration of the crumbling structures that undergird our bridges, our economy, and our most intimate relationships.

Hannah tries desperately to hold together the façade of her perfect life with David—even as David mysteriously calls in sick to work day after day, they struggle with infertility, and Hannah herself is on the verge of being laid off.

When Hannah’s sister, Susan, arrives on their doorstep from the economic front lines in L.A., she brings a renegade attitude and an illicit package that send David and Hannah on a 12-hour odyssey to the heart of their deepest fears.


Description Following her mother's death, 17-year-old Christine comes to live with her Aunt Marie and Uncle Dan--a 30-something couple with a passion for food. As Marie and Dan compete to initiate Christine into the pleasures of the palate, boundaries blur. The climax of the play lives in the intersection of life's in-between spaces--where the child becomes an adult, where thought creates action, and where feeding becomes consuming. 


Description In a sport where pushing past a body's limits sometimes isn't enough, runner Jake trains for the race that could put his dream in motion - despite mounting financial pressures and familial sacrifice. Meanwhile, factory worker Lisa feels life accelerate as she discovers her young daughter's amazing gift of speed. Ready... Set...

Hazard County

Description When Blake, a young TV producer, stumbles into town looking for stories and a fresh start, he believes he's found both in Ruth. A broke young widow in rural Kentucky, Ruth is unable to access the trust fund set up for her children after her husband's murder. But neither Blake or Ruth are telling the whole truth, and a past tainted by racism threatens to destroy Ruth's already shaky existence. Interspersed with memorable monologues from fans and critics of The Dukes of Hazzard, the real story blows apart the Souther stereotypes that define Ruth's world.


Description When their dad dies, city kids Trina and Abby are suddenly transplanted to a farm town that's being swallowed by the suburbs. Trina, an outcast at her old school, finds herself the center of attention. Abby, the younger of the two sisters, has always made friends easily--but now she teeters on the brink of being ostracized for her budding relationship with an aspiring bull rider. At their new school. the girls quickly learn that integrity and acceptance carry a cruel price. 

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