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Victoria Stewart

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Core Writers 2009 //  Core Writers 2008 //  McKnight Advancement Grants 2008 //  Core Writers 2010 //  Core Writers 2011 //  Core Writers 2012 //  Affiliated Writer 2013   

Victoria Stewart graduated from the University of Iowa Playwrights’ Workshop.  Her plays include Rich Girl (co-produced by George Street Playhouse and Cleveland Playhouse), Hardball (Live Girls! Theater, SPF), 800 Words: The Transmigration of Philip K. Dick (Caravan Theatre, Workhaus Collective, Live Girls! Theater), Live Girls (Urban Stages, WHAT, Stage Left), Mercy Watson To The Rescue (Children’s Theatre Company, to be produced by Marin Theater Company in 2014), The Last Scene and an adaptation of Henry James’ The Bostonians. She also collaborated on Fissures (lost and found) produced at the 2010 Humana Festival. Recently, she wrote a screenplay for HBO and co-created Clandestino about the INS raid in Postville, IA. She has received the Francesca Primus Award, a McKnight Advancement Grant, the Helen Merrill Award, and the Jerome Fellowship. She is a satellite member of the Workhaus Collective and a member of WGA West.


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Cast: 2M, 4W

What happens when news becomes entertainment and politics become a performance? Virginia Eames, an aspiring political pundit, attempts to negotiate her way through the constantly shifting landscape of cutthroat commentary and learns what it takes to be a star.

The Last Scene

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The Last Scene tells the story of the making of the 1949 film In a Lonely Place, a Humphrey Bogart vehicle directed by Nick Ray, the director who would later rise to fame as the director of Rebel Without a Cause. The play is based on a true premise, that Nick Ray shot two endings to the film and he and his wife and leading lady, Gloria Grahame, were in the midst of a volatile divorce. In the process of recording "reality," Nick finds himself making choices in his art that alter the course of his life. The Last Scene, although telling a story about film, is intensely theatrical, showing the audience the ever-changing perspectives that contribute to the creation process.

Kafka in Postville


A collaborative piece co-created by Victoria Stewart, Cory Hinkle and Jeremy and David Wilhelm about the INS raid on a kosher slaughterhouse in Postville, Iowa, the largest immigration raid in Iowa history.

Rich Girl

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When Claudine meets Henry, a starving artist, she falls head over heels. Her mother, a financial guru, has her doubts. Is Henry everything her daughter has been looking for? Or is he after only one thing? A modern day adaptation of Henry James’ Washington Square, RICH GIRL is about women and their relationship to men, mothers and money –in that order.

800 Words: The Transmigration of Philip K. Dick

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Cast: 3 men 4 women
Description A reinvention of the last few days of Philip K. Dick, the science fiction author, who had religious visions in 1974 when an extraterrestrial God appeared to him. Based on a true story, the play begins just as Philip’s novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep is to be released as the Hollywood film Blade Runner. The play is structured so that memories and events bleed into each other, fusing and merging in Philip’s internal landscape. He weaves in and out of reality until there is no discerning what really happened in February of 1974. 

The Bostonians

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Description Olive Chancellor, a radical Victorian feminist, and Basil Ransome, a Mississippi lawyer fight for the affection of the beautiful Verena Tarrant. Many critics consider this to be Henry James's comic masterpiece as he skewers transcendentalists, radical reformers and political zealots. 

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