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Inspired by Dostoyevsky's book Crime and Punishment, Raskol tells the story of a young student who commits a horrific crime under the influence of a dangerous idea—that there are extraordinary people who can commit crime without any fear of punishment. Raskol— in a post-crime delirium— meets Sonya, a religious whore, and Perfidy, a police investigator who befriends the student even as he suspects him of the crime. Set in a timeless world that is connected both to our contemporary times and to the 19th-century St. Petersburg of the novel, the play features songs set to an improvisational jazz "soundtrack" by the Fantastic Merlins.


by Kira Obolensky
Music by Peter Vitale

Directed, produced, and treatments by James Parvin & Hayley Finn
Project conceived by Polly Carl, Former Producing Artistic Director of the Playwrights' Center
Cinematography and editing by James Parvin
Music Recording: Craig R. Harris
Raskol: Kris Nelson
Sonya: Tracey Maloney
Man: E.J. Subkoviak

Company Manager: Tim Wilkins
Casting: Sarah Gioia
Technical Manager: Mike Kilgour
Makeup Artist: Jacqueline Redlin
Production Assistant/Grip/Gaffer: Eric Hedlund
Pre-production intern: Jeanette Jungbauer


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