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Little Eyes
By Cory Hinkle

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After his father disappears, 10-year-old Martin believes he can hear the Voice of God. When a mysterious man from the mayor's office arrives selling The Project, Martin sees a way to find his missing father and bring himself closer to the Lord. LITTLE EYES is a darkly funny exploration of American fear, denial and religious fundamentalism in the months right after 9/11.

Rich Girl
By Victoria Stewart

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When Claudine meets Henry, a starving artist, she falls head over heels. Her mother, a financial guru, has her doubts. Is Henry everything her daughter has been looking for? Or is he after only one thing? A modern day adaptation of Henry James' Washington Square, RICH GIRL is about women and their relationship to men, mothers and money - in that order.

The Bay of Fundy
By Sherry Kramer

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A troubled marriage, a mysterious malaise, and the most valuable antique table in the world. Every day, May has a chance to make the right choice. But the wrong one calls and calls to her.

The Sense of What Should Be
By Dominic Orlando

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What might happen if a high school student put on a super villain costume and tried to take over the world? Sixteen-year-old Adam Parker believes all the lessons he needs for worldly success can be found on the pages of comic books. This thrilling adventure story looks at what’s happening with our children when the transmission of values and traditions is surrendered to popular culture.

by Rhiana Yazzie

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A Lee Miller photograph of surrealist artists that includes a dancer from the West Indies naked to the waist is the jumping off place for this play. A contemporary Navajo woman relates the mostly unknown story of the surrealist muse Adrienne Fidelin, Ady. A play that reveals the woman in the photograph through the lens of race, history, and art.

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