In The Lab: Tomorrow Will Be Sunday

Heather Raffo
Wednesday, June 23 at 7:00 pm CDT

Tomorrow Will Be Sunday 
by Heather Raffo

Tomorrow Will Be Sunday is a theatrical experiment into the future of migration and the global economy. Understanding our connection to economic forces and people across the globe has only become increasingly heightened. We cannot begin to create a new relationship to human value without first unpacking what we value—understanding how every economic decision we make impacts others locally and across the world. 

From Heather:

In the face of what is likely a new global order and years of economic restructuring, I wonder how this play can best serve the times we live in?  How might an immersive virtual platform engage a cast living in locales across the world?  How might "live" theater be reimagined virtually, by allowing an audience agency in how they migrate through a web-based play? And how might an episodic production model built across multiple theaters create a new theatrical platform for audience conversations nationally and internationally? In short, the potential to develop this play virtually upends even theatrical borders both economic and personal. 

This presentation is free and online. Readings are accessible to people with vision loss. Large print programs are available upon request. For questions about accessibility or to request other accommodations, please contact Jasmine Johnson at or (612) 332-7481.