It's Core Apprentice Week 2018

The 2017-18 Core Apprentices are gathered in Minneapolis for a week of new play development and building connections. The three playwrights have spent this year working with playwright mentors, and now they are capping their year with full play development workshops and readings at the Playwrights' Center. This week’s Core Apprentices workshops:

Kirk Boettcher (Augsburg College) has been working with mentor Andrew Rosendorf. This week he is workshopping there are no protections against this with director Cara Phipps; dramaturg Wendy Weckwerth; and actors Torsten Johnson, Carolyn Pool*, Chloe Armao, Serena Brook*, Olivia Wilusz, Ryan Dean Maltz, and John Middleton*. Public reading Wednesday, May 23 at 3 p.m.

Dionna Michelle Daniel (California Institute of the Arts) is mentored by Dominique Morisseau. She is workshopping Gunshot Medley with director Harry Waters Jr.; dramaturg Tori Sampson; and actors China Brickey, Nathan Barlow*, Darrick Mosley*, and Jamila Anderson*. Public reading Thursday, May 24 at 11 a.m.

Carlos Sirah (Brown University) has Ruth Margraff as a mentor this year. He is workshopping The Utterances with director: e.g. bailey; dramaturg Caleigh Gumbiner; and actors Ashe Jaafaru, AJ Friday, Rudolph Searles III*, Jon-Michael Reese*, Comfort Dolo, Ricardo Beaird, Ashawnti Ford, Bruce A. Young*, and Natasha Wright. Public reading Thursday, May 24 at 3 p.m.

*Member of Actors' Equity Association

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Director of membership programs Hannah Joyce-Hoven with 2017-18 Core Apprentices Carlos Sirah, Dionna Michelle Daniel, and Kirk Boettcher on the steps of the Playwrights' Center