Playwrights' Center-developed work on stage this fall

LAKE UNTERSEE by Joe Waechter
Workhaus Collective, Minneapolis, MN
September 11 – 27, 2014

World premiere. Rocky, a troubled teenager, longs to leave his divorced parents and their dysfunctional relationships behind. Stuck between his mother, a has-been novelist, and his equally oblivious father, Rocky begins to receive love letters written in snow. With nowhere else to turn, he embarks on the adventure of a lifetime to Antarctica’s Lake Untersee, where the love of his life is trapped beneath layers and layers of ancient ice.

LASSO OF TRUTH by Carson Kreitzer
Synchronicity Theatre, Atlanta, GA
September 26 – October 29, 2014

Rolling world premiere. The sexy, stunning origin of comics’ greatest heroine! Put Wonder Woman, film noir, Gloria Steinem and Gen X comic book lovers in the blender that is Carson Kreitzer's imagination and what do you get? You getLasso of Truth, a rolling world premiere with Marin Theatre Company and Unicorn Theatre. Known for her “muscular and sharp” (CityBeat) writing, Kreitzer traces the origin story and lasting impact of the comic book character Wonder Woman through the life of her controversial creator William Marston. Lasso of Truth is a smart, seductive and wild romp through our sordid history of gender politics and featuring an eclectic cast of characters.

TimeLine Theatre, Chicago, IL
October 1 – December 21, 2014

Second production, Chicago premiere. This thriller is based on the true story of Danny Casolaro, a freelance reporter investigating high-level corruption in the Reagan/Bush Justice Department. A year into uncovering information, Casolaro was found dead in a Virginia motel room, his arms slashed more than a dozen times. The authorities called it suicide, but a host of conspiracy theorists—and the House Judiciary Committee—disagreed. Casolaro’s recovered notes detailed his plan to expose several major players behind numerous clandestine activities, including the Iran hostage situation, Nicaragua arms-for-drugs deals, and much more. Playwright Dominic Orlando—a cousin of Casolaro—pulls the curtain back on Danny’s journey and the ultimate price he paid trying to find the truth.

Tricycle Theatre, London, UK
October 9 – November 22, 2014

UK premiere. New Orleans, 1836. Following an era of French colonial rule and relative racial acceptance, Louisiana’s ‘free people of color’ are prospering. Beartrice has become one of the city’s wealthiest women through her relationship with a rich white man. However, when her partner mysteriously dies, the foundations of freedom she has built for herself and their three unwed daughters begins to crumble. Society is changing, racial divides are growing, and as the household turns on each other in their fight for survival, it could cost them everything.

THE SECRET LIVES OF COATS by Stephanie Fleischmann and Christina Campanella
Red Eye Theater, Minneapolis, MN
October 10 – 26, 2014

World premiere. Ever wonder what the contents of your coat pockets reveal about who you are? Join Red Eye for the world premiere of a quirky musical in which three coatcheck girls confide their hopes and dreams via a network of tin can telephones, and our most precious treasures disappear into the holes in the pockets of our coats. A charming riff on class and aspirations that taps into the post-crash, recession-era mentality.

CUBAN SPRING by Vanessa Garcia
New Theatre, Miami, FL
October 10 – November 2, 2014

World premiere. Penned by Miami playwright Vanessa Garcia, this family drama revolves around secrets, identity crisis of a separated generation, and the sacrifices one must go through to live in democracy.

CHIMERA by Deborah Stein and Suli Holum
Gate Theatre, London, UK
November 20 – December 20, 2014

UK premiere. What would you do if you discovered you were your own twin? If you learned that your DNA did not quite belong to you? Welcome to Jennifer Samuels’ world. When she learns that she has inherited a rare medical condition her whole sense of self – biological, psychological, emotional, begins to unravel. Join Jennifer as she tumbles down the rabbit hole in a story that combines pin point wit with breathtaking visuals. Taking its inspiration from real science, Chimera is a frightening, funny, and fascinating ride, coming to the Gate following a critically acclaimed run at the Public Theater's Under the Radar Festival in New York.

Chimera promo photo