JuCoby Johnson
he, him, his
McKnight Fellow in Playwriting
St Paul, MN

JuCoby Johnson has been seen onstage at The Guthrie Theater, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, The Jungle Theater, Theater Latté Da, Theater Mu, Ten Thousand Things Theatre Company, and many more. His plays include How It's Gon Be (Underdog Theater, 2019), ...but you could've held my hand (Developed at the 2020 O'Neill National Playwrights Conference), 5 (2021 O'Neill NPC Finalist, Seven Devils Finalist), I'll Be Seeing You Again (Jungle Serial Audio Series, 2021) and Revelations (Playing On Air, 2021). He is a 2021-2022 McKnight Fellow in Playwriting and an Artistic Associate at The Jungle Theater. 


Agent Information

Rachel Ellicott


Four ten-year olds meet at a wedding. Little do they know, they will become the center of each other's lives for decades to come. Jumping through time, the play uses dance, music, and poetry to explore sexuality, gender, race, and love. You know, the big stuff. Life stuff.

2M 1F 1 Non-Binary
by JuCoby Johnson

With adulthood looming in the distance, Jahaan and his friends enjoy the last precious moments of Summer vacation. When Jahaan’s father returns after a year away, the world stops spinning for a moment and lines are drawn in the sand. A poetic exploration of missed connections and feelings too great to speak aloud.

2W 4M

In the midst of civil unrest surrounding the death of George Floyd and the attack on Iyana Dior, a Father and Daughter reunite in front their burned down family store.

1 Cisgender Man 1 Transgender Woman 1 Cisgender Woman
by JuCoby Johnson

Best friends Jay and Evan run a convenience store in a rapidly changing neighborhood. When a real estate developer stops by with an offer to buy the place, their deep-rooted connection is tested. As the choice to sell weighs on Evan’s shoulders, their community is ripped apart and the very foundation of the world around them begins to rumble and quake. An intimate play that races towards apocalyptic ends, 5 examines a friendship tested by money, race, and family secrets come to light.

3M 2M


JuCoby Johnson's short play, "And there were dolphins in the canals", was a part of Echo Theater's "We've Come Through" ten minute play festival in LA.

JuCoby Johnson's play "I'll Be Seeing You Again" has been released as an audio play as a part of The Jungle Theater's series, "Jungle Serial". More information here.

JuCoby Johnsons’ ON GOD commissioned by Theater Latté Da to be developed in early 2021 as part of the NEXT UP new works laboratory. Full announcement found here.

JuCoby Johnson's new work 5 (FIVE) has been comissioned by Trademark Theatre in Saint Paul, MN as a part of their fourth season. 5 explores a friendship tested by money, race, and family secrets come to light. Full announcement found here.

I was commissioned by Lauren Gunderson to write a new short play as a part of the 2020 New Now Commissions.